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Outdoor Foundation, a company who aspires to be a driving force behind a massive increase in active outdoor recreation in America, has concluded that participation in outdoor recreation has reached the highest level in 5 years. It suggests that over half of the American population participated in outdoor activities in 2011. These findings point to a country-wide movement towards healthier, more active lifestyles.

Most significant, is the increase in the number of youth and young-adults engaging in outdoor activities. Running, biking, camping, fishing, and hiking, are among the most popular activities young people are participating in. Over the past few years, America has been working to inspire young Americans to participate in healthy lifestyle alternatives; and the efforts have started to pay off.

The high numbers of outdoor participants reflects the growing understanding among Americans of the importance of exercise- particularly outdoors. The Outdoor Foundation findings are positive and premeditate healthy lifestyles of America’s people.

Click here to reach out to this organization and encourage youth and women to become more engaged in outdoor activity.

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