A Quiet Book About Living A Sacred Life

| December 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles, by Rivvy Neshama

Review by Cat Croteau, Kristy McCaffrey, and Sharry Miller

sacredlife2In Recipes for a Sacred Life, Rivvy Neshama shares personal stories and advice on life, love, spirituality, meditation, compassion, appreciation, dying, sex, and more. With such a broad spectrum of subjects it might seem that this book would overwhelm the reader, but it’s just the opposite. Reading a few of the short chapters each evening will make you feel as if you’ve spent time with a beloved grandmother or close friend, a quiet reminder to cherish the small moments in life, to live a sacred life.

The book includes vignettes regarding synchronicity and signs that occur daily if you’re open to seeing them. In rising each day Neshama suggests greeting the Sun and changing the oft-used phrase “It’s a good day to die” to “It’s a good day to live.” And prayer in any form can bring compassion and a loosening of the strong emotions of hate and anger that many struggle with.

Recipes for a Sacred Life would be a perfect choice for opening randomly in the morning to find a lesson to guide the day, a thought to focus on while about the usual routine, or perhaps a suggestion for getting out of a rut. It’s one of those books that inspires, not by telling you what to do or not to do, but by simply being a shining example of the happiness that can come from living. Neshama has a gentle way of encouraging the reader on a path to “A simple life, filled with love, awe, and a deep sense of connection.” Like any recipe, take what you need and leave the rest, but there’s something here for everyone. With a flowing style of writing and a beautiful way of looking at the world, Neshama has written the essential handbook to living a sacred and meaningful life.

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  1. Dear Jennifer, Cat, Christy, and Sharry,

    I was just sitting at my computer and did a search on myself (something i’m embarrassed to admit I do now and then since my book came out!) and there was your wonderful review! It touched my heart! I remember an expression from a beloved sci-fi book called “Stranger from a Strange Land.” The writer, Robert Heinlein, invented a Martian language that included the term “grok.” When you “grok” something, you REALLY get it! i felt you totally grokked my book, and for that i am very grateful!!

  2. Travis Masch says:

    Thank you Jennifer, Cat, Christy, and Sharry,
    A wonderful review capturing the essence and “tone” spot on. Divine Arts has a number of titles of interest to you readers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for review copies and announcements of upcoming titles.

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