How to go by bike

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Bikes are a great alternative to motorized commuting. They’re economical, environmentally friendly, and best of all, fun! Proper gear and a little preparation will help make your two-wheeled commute the best part of your day.

Accessories to smooth your trip


  • Racks make commuting and hauling a practical reality, so it’s easier to go by bike.
  • Fenders are the secret to a clean, dry ride in less-than-perfect conditions.
  • Luggage offers extra storage capacity to transform your bike into a true utility vehicle.
  • Lights extend riding hours by making you more visible and safe.
  • Tires that are flat-resistant and weather-worthy keep you going.


Keep these handy items stashed in your seat bag

  • Money, I.D., keys, cell phone: Just in case.
  • Tire levers: 2-3 will allow you to fix any flat.
  • Multi-tool: Look for a versatile and light tool.
  • Pump or CO2: Either inflation method will work, just make sure it’s in working order.
  • Spare tube: Make sure it is new and fits your tire size.

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