A Skort For Hiking, Travel, and Even Running

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A friend of mine teases me whenever I show up for a ride with a skirt over my chamois. “At least you take it off before getting on your bike,” she told me once.

Another friend knows she can count on me to wear something pink or a skirt, often both, when we go outdoors together. Plus nail polish (proof here). And earrings. “Skirts are such a Colorado thing,” some people say.

But that is all beside the point. Skirts are dang comfortable.

At a dinner party I hosted once, a guy friend commented on all our us women wearing skirts or dresses, ranging from floor length to thigh-high. He said he didn’t realize we were all the girly type. And what he got after that comment was about six females simultaneously arguing the convenience and comfort of skirts. “Whoa, I’ve never seen such a strong reaction and so much consensus from you all!” he said, stunned.

It’s true. The response was unanimous: Throwing on a dress is easier than curating a three-piece outfit; kicking around in a skirt on hot days or during travel is more comfortable than clingy shorts or stifling pants; skirts are versatile, able to be dressed up with accessories and a special hairstyle or dressed down with a casual top.

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But most of all, skirts and dresses are for everyone. They’re a great solution for anyone looking to be cool and comfy—even non-girly girls.

Which is why I adore this sporty yet also flouncy skort from Merrell. It’s something I wear on hikes, at home in the yard, to farmer’s market, and everywhere in between. The Leelani works with cotton Tshirts or wicking tanks, sandals or light hikers, solely a sports bra or a bulky sweater. Its liner shorts don’t hike up, and the waist band sits snugly just below the navel yet doesn’t feel constricting. Almost any top goes with its colorful pattern and playful but not loud design. It’s the skort that never makes it into my drawers. It goes straight from the wash onto my body and gets a few wears before getting tossed in the hamper again.

While it’s temporarily buried amongst my dirty clothes, I sub in other skirts, walk the trails in a different skort, and pack my favorite dresses for a weekend trip yet again.

I’m not advocating for pencil skirts or risque mini skirts, necessarily. I’m just encouraging everyone to open yourself up to being surprised and try it once–wear a skort hiking or while traveling or even to the office if you work in a casual environment. This style is a good place to start.

Merrell Leelani Skirt ($55).

Merrell Leelani Skort

Merrell Leelani Skort

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  1. Erin says:

    I LOVE my skorts. Been hiking in them for years now and have never been more comfortable. And I feel cute! 🙂

  2. jeannemeeks says:

    Now that you’ve made skort cool, l have to wear them more often than tennis and golf. Besides I look better in a skirt than in shorts.

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