Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar RS300X

“For Trackstars”
($170; www.polarusa.com)

Before starting your training program, the Polar HRM offers the Polar Fitness Test as a quick and easy way to measure your current fitness level.  Women’s Adventure testers loved the test: it is performed at rest by wearing the HRM and lying still for approximately 5 min.  The results (Polar OwnIndex®) give a value comparable to maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) and based on your age and gender determines your fitness classification, it will also affect the accuracy of calorie calculations during training.

If you know your VO2max you also have the option of entering it manually.  During training Women’s Adventure testers loved the, multiple and easy-to-read display modes showing heart rate and timing features and the RS300X was a favorite for track and tempo workouts where testers wanted to switch modes or enlarge the feature of their choice (HR, Stopwatch, or Lap time) while keeping the other numbers visible but smaller.  The exercise log keeps the last 16 training sessions on the watch, but you can save data (Polar Flow Link, $55, sold separately) in Polarpersonaltrainer.com.

Additional optional features include a foot pod or a GPS sensor can also be purchased separately for pace/speed and distance data.  This wrist-unit is larger in size and more masculine than other units tested, which made it a better choice for women who didn’t need casual, cross-over styling. Another drawback: the closure on the front of the strap was bulky and awkward under tight workout clothes.

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