12 Women Who Inspired Us This Year

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Women’s Adventure magazine is all about introducing you to other women who pursue their passions and letting the world know about the particularly extraordinary gals who have achieved goals no one before them has ever attempted. Meet the twelve adventurous ladies who inspired us most in 2014.

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The Bangladeshi Woman Who Hula-Hooped On All Of The Seven Summits: Wasfia Nazreen climbed climbed Carstensz Pyramid (16,024’) and finished her quest to hula-hoop on all of the so-called Seven Summits for women’s empowerment. She created the Seven Summits Foundation to develop educational programs, employment opportunities, and outdoor training for at-risk adolescent girls in Bangladesh and Nepal, who she hopes will feel empowered to choose lifestyles beyond those dictated by traditional gender roles. Read more

The Mom Getting More Kids on Bikes: VeloMom Jen and her husband Randy Charrette, who created The Axel Project in memory of their two year old who was killed in Mexico in 2013, held the nonprofit’s inaugural Axel Project Bicycle Classic in August to help fund a mission to introduce bicycles and a healthy lifestyle to kids and families. Read more

The Extreme Motorbike Touring Team: Eloisia Wild and Irene Lobo became the first all-female team to finish the 2,000km motorbike challenge across Siberia. Read more

The Women Who Gets To Literally Go Where No Man (Or Woman) Has Gone Before: Exploratory caver Emily Zuber guided a team of speleologists to Sistema Huautla (the world’s most complex deep cave system) in Mexico last April, to continue mapping and surveying more booty. Read more

The Pink Helmet Posse: They rock nail polish, ride a set of fast wheels, let their hair blow in the wind, and wear tutus! Plus, they’re selling pink skateboarding gear online to support little girls at the skatepark! Read more

The Young Aviatrix Who Flew Around The World In Single-Engine Plane: On June 25 in Oakland—the same city where the original Amelia Earhart began her fateful flight nearly 80 years ago—Amelia Rose Earhart began her 17 days journey around the world. She visited 14 countries and logged a total of 108.6 hours in the air. Read more

The Women Racers In Le Tour De France: The world’s top women road cyclists will came together on July 27, 2014, for the first edition of La Course by Le Tour de France. Read more

The Smallest Surfer Girl: Six-year-old Quincy Symonds—despite having a genetic disorder that affects her body’s ability to create cortisone—is one of the world’s strongest and most talented child athletes. Read more

The Ultra Runner Who Beat Pancreatic Cancer: Tonia started her own blog, “Tonia Runs,” to enable other survivors, family members, and caregivers to come together and to share the hope she has for more awareness, funding, and a cure. “I think a big part of the reason so little is known about pancreatic cancer is that the patients get sick and die quickly and can’t speak for themselves. I feel, as one of the lucky ones, that I need to speak for them. For us.” Read more

The Highlining Snow Queens: Hayley Ashburn and her team went backcountry skiing then climbed ice and snow to reach exposed peaks in the Dolomites, where they rigged a highline between snow-covered towers. Read more

The Jungle-To-Peak Explorers: Hilaree O’Neill and Emily Harrington and their team on the National Geographic expedition to Myanmar’s highest peaks trekked more than a hundred miles on foot through humid jungle terrain to the base of the highest peaks in the country, Hkakabo Razi and Gamlang Razi. They were hoping to summit the two mountains, which are each about 5,800 meters, and to determine which is actually the highest. Though they had to abort the summit attempt due to the weather, these unmatched female explorers returned with extraordinary stories. Read more

The U.S. Women Alpine Racers: The team made history this weekend in Alberta, Canada, with the first-ever World Cup podium sweep for men or women. Read more

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