These Crowdfunding Campaigns May Benefit You And Women Like You

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Choosing a cause to support is a tough call, especially when there are a number of issues close to your heart. It’s important to not only believe in the organization but also identify with the cause itself, we know. Which is why we’re listing a few campaigns that not only need help but will be beneficial to you and women like you!

1. Women Race Bikes

Photo courtesy of Velofocus

Photo courtesy of Velofocus

There’s a new voice in professional cycling—and it’s all about the girls!

Women Race Bikes—a new platform for women’s professional cycling coverage— will aim to bring women’s pro cycling to the forefront with great coverage and beautiful stories. The makers of Girl Bike Love and CycloFemme are launching it as the next step in gaining exposure for women in cycling.

“It has always been the mission of [my website] Girl Bike Love to be The Hub and Soul of Women’s Cycling, telling the stories of women riding bikes,” said Sarai Snyder, who founded the Girl Bike Love website, CycloFemme ride, and Women Race Bikes platform. “Now with a dedicated following, we are proud to honor yet another aspect of women’s cycling–the athletes who inspire, astound, and empower us.”

Covering all aspects of women competing on bicycles, from downhill to road racing, from cyclocross to BMX, from training to victory, from domestic to international, Women Race Bikes will tell the courageous stories of women on two wheels inspiring fans, empowering riders, encouraging equal opportunity, to honor and grow the sport of cycling.

“We’ve seen substantial growth in women’s pro cycling over the last few years, but we are still missing the comprehensive coverage that these women deserve.” said Meredith Miller, pro cyclist and WRB advisory board member. “Right now it is really segmented and most of the best stories aren’t being told. I’m very excited to work with Women Race Bikes to build that voice.”

Clara Beard, freelance cycling writer and commentator for Tour Tracker, completes the female duo behind this project. But they have a team of big names—including Meredith Miller, Elayna Caldwell, Kacey Lloyd, Dorothy Wong, Kim Cross, Jayme Moye, Rachel Scott, Lanier Allen, and Steve McCallion as advisory board members—behind their efforts.

With the addition of Le Course at Tour de France with live coverage on Universal Sports, it’s apparent that women’s cycling is making progress. But, there’s still not a large scale media outlet dedicated to covering women’s professional racing.

The goal of women race bikes is not just to cover women’s racing but to create more fans of the sport, and raise the aspiration of women and girls to achieve new levels on and off the bike.

“When we women see photos of women racing and telling their stories of perseverance and struggle, when we see women jumping big jumps and railing fast single track, we are inspired to find the strength to push ourselves beyond what we thought were our limit, live our best life and embrace every moment.” said Lindsey Voreis of Co-founder of Beti All Ride. “Seeing women in the cycling media inspires women to ride. The popularity of the sport is growing and women are here to stay and shred for life.”

To tell the story of women’s professional cycling, Women Race Bikes is seeking support through angel funding, business partnerships, and individuals with the crowd funding website Indiegogo. In the fundraising stage, Women Race Bikes is currently live on social media, while the website and app are in development.

Everything You Need to Know About “Women Race Bikes” from D2photography on Vimeo.

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2. Biking To Alaska For Bumpy Bones

We’re getting this one straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

I took this photo from overlook at Peyto Lake on the Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park, which we bicycled just last week.

I took this photo from overlook at Peyto Lake on the Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park, which we bicycled just last week.

My name is Emily Caponi. I turn 22 years old today, and I am currently on a 3,000-mile bike tour from Missoula, Montana, to Anchorage, Alaska. My 64-year-old bicycle partner and I have already bicycled more than 800 miles in distance and over 24,000 feet in elevation gain during the two weeks that we’ve been on the road.

I am undertaking this journey in part to test the limits of a bone condition I have called multiple hereditary extoseses, for which I had to have both my legs operated on when I was a kid. I want to help kids learning to live with the same disease!

In upcoming blogs for Women’s Adventure magazine, Emily will explore the themes of coming into womanhood through adventure. “I meet so many young men who are able to put their lives on hold but have yet to meet any women in the same age demographic doing that sort of thing other than myself!”

Learn more about Emily’s bike tour, story and fundraising cause.

Support Biking To Alaska For Bumpy Bones.

This photo from our trip from the overlook at Peyto Lake on the Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park, which we bicycled just last week.

3. SheShreds

Photo from

Photo from

SheShreds provides a robust line of “built-for-female” gear, including clothing and equipment as well as a powerful voice. The internationally adopted brand, is ready to take product lines to the next level, using the Indiegogo platform to meet the needs of specialty niche retailers.

“I have quickly come to realize that this is bigger than me,” explains Gina Duffy, founder and CEO of As the merchandise and story gain traction, there are “girls and women of all ages, from all over the world that have reached out to be part of” is satisfying the needs of the feminine voice in action and adventure sports worldwide by providing exactly what they want; trendiness, voice, and vision woven into the threads they buy. As the brand has grown, so has the demand for hard goods to stock shelves in hyper-local, specialty niche retailer locations, globally.

“The phone keeps ringing with orders and meetings streaming in,” Duffy says. “Our challenge is really keeping up with the demand to get merchandise to market.”’s goal is to raise $35,000, and with it they will:

  • Increase signature line inventory and distribution channels in specialty niche retailers
  • Design and collaborate with other brands to create unique apparel and hard goods
  • Support more female athletes and events in action and adventure sports with a focus on female access and learning across disciplines

They are looking for backers willing to throw in as little as $10.00 for a sticker/bandana pack, up to $3,000 for a custom adventure weekend with the founders in remote mountains in Northern Utah.

“This infusion will help us take the next steps to ensure we can do just that,” says Duffy. “I have created a brand to wear as a badge of honor in effort to bring females together in a unified voice to effect change in the industry for access to the sports, R & D, retail focus, and respect.”

SheShreds, a Northern Utah based action and adventure retail company launched last November, speaks an audacious message to adventurous women and girls across the nation, that, despite what someone “told you, you could or could not do, Shred On Sisters. Shred On.”

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Which will you choose? What are your other favorite causes? Happy giving!

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