How To Be a Travel Writer

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There were hundreds milling about, clutching iPads and shiny new business cards, eager to network with complete strangers.

They did so easily.

Lauren Schaad

Lauren Schaad and adventurer Ingrid Sanders in Reykjavik, Iceland.

At our conference hall in Toronto, attendees downed their coffee while exchanging stories of rides on chicken buses and tips on where to stay in India. One could tell these were hardened travelers, accustomed to finding their way through foreign airports, unaffected if their schedule were to change on a dime. At our conference hall in Toronto, winding through the massive building to find Saturday’s keynote speaker Trey Ratcliff was an easy task.

This was TBEX, the largest conference dedicated to the business of travel blogging: where new media content creators and writers collide, sharing best practices in order to inspire others to get out and explore.

TBEX is for travel bloggers experienced and not. Whether you intend to simply share travel stories with the ones you love, or turn your blog into a business, here are some of my favorite takeaways from TBEX 2013.

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Lauren Schaad is a Boston-based adventurer who dreams of hosting her own travel show. She has a passion for climbing tall, inanimate objects and encourages others to live their most adventurous life. In her recent documentary short, she explores her own limits on an ice climbing excursion, and shares the real reasons for traveling as far as she does.

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