About Women’s Adventure

Women’s Adventure began as Dandelion magazine in 2003. Our goal was to provide women the opportunity for growth and inspiration in a world of outdoor pursuits ranging from running to climbing to surfing to skiing to paddling to backpacking to fishing to caving.

It was successful relaunching in January, 2006 as Women’s Adventure. Publisher Michelle Theall, a veteran of outdoor publications such as Women’s Sports + Fitness and VeloNews, missed having an authentic and adventurous magazine for women, so she started her own. In January 2008, Big Earth Publishing Inc., a Boulder, Colorado book publisher with several regional book imprints throughout the United States, acquired Women’s Adventure.

Women’s Adventure magazine suspended publication in early 2015.

A million thanks to all our readers and supporters who never lost faith in us. Big hugs to our long-time advertisers who have fabulous products and big hearts: Planet Bike, Nikwax, Osprey Packs, Ex Officio, and so many more.