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Kayaking While Pregnant

Champion kayaker, Emily Jackson, is still riding the rapids at seven months pregnant. ...



2013 OIWC Leadership Award Winners

Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition is proud to present two awards that honor female leaders in each of...


The Best No-Bake Bars

Peanut butter, chocolate, coconut oil - what more could you ask from a quick and easy no-bake bar recipe?...


Chariot Chinook review

I think the Chinook is a very well designed piece of gear that will last your family for as long as you need...


The Easy Way to Buy a Bike

Ladies, we're leading the cycling realm's trends; it's time we go into bike shops with confidence in our...

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Brains and Brawn Trump Beauty

"Better to be strong than pretty and useless." -Lilith Saintcrow...