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To 42 kilometers in 42 Days

Somewhere in my head, I thought women run a shorter distance in marathons than men do. ...



Light As A Feather, Strong As A Stone (Female-Specific Hiking Poles Under $100)

I’ve been a skeptic of trekking poles, assuming that poles would be too clunky and too heavy to bother to...


The Wishlist You’ll Want To Share With Your Valentine

Whether you’re shopping for a hardcore fan of adventure sports or a woman who enjoys the occasional hiking...


Yoga Classes On Demand

Busy, active women rejoice. Yoga Download allows you to do any kind of yoga, anytime, anywhere. You can take...


Four Women Wear A Hijab To Experience What It’s Like

These four women spent the day wearing a hijab. There’s an old quote, “Don’t judge a man...

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Update Your Passport And Tune Up Your Bike

Your work vacation won’t use itself. ...