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Finally, An Ad With Women In Swimsuits That Will Make You Smile

I'm inspired to go sweat and tire myself out even more now, except I'm extra motivated to do it with style after seeing how these sassy...

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Solving The Underrepresentation Of Women In Climbing

Only one in ten people inquiring about exploratory climbing expeditions are women. ...

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CertHero.org Makes Saving Lives Easier

Thinking about taking an outdoor education, emergency response, or backcountry accident prevention course?...


How To Have A Smooth Flight With Your Animal

Remember that before you start any of your family fun, make sure your pet has food, water, and has acclimated...

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Reviewed: National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of the United States

471 pages of full-color, glossy photographs, maps, and information about 58 of the National Parks in the...

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Sunshine and Vitamin D

Winter Solstice has passed, meaning the days are starting to grow longer, which means more sun. Aaah. Did you...