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At Outdoor Retailer a couple weeks ago, the Women’s Adventure staff ran between appointments with gear companies for several days straight to discover the up-and-coming products most relevant to you and your outdoor activities. We editors leave full of facts of soon-to-be-released gear and with copious story ideas. What we gain at Outdoor Retailer helps us bring you stronger gear reviews of the best stuff on the market but also equips us to offer content that will truly inspire, educate, and enable you to play outside more and have more fun.

Jen Pharr Davis' influence showed up not just in the shoes but all over Salomon's OR booth.

Sometimes, the ratio of guys’ gear to girls’ gear exhibited disheartens us. But, this time, we were encouraged by the thought many companies put into their women’s lines and by the thoroughness of women’s specific product design. It’s exciting to see the impact we women have had on the outdoor industry recently and to see companies inspired by our activity in the outdoors.

Here’s a list of few new products we loved that were designed because of or by women:

  1. Merrell’s “Heels and Wheels” dress shoes are made especially for pedaling. The Evera MJ’s chunky heel fits perfectly over a bike pedal and the sole stays stiff with your cadence thanks to a reinforced arch.
  2. The North Face Enduro Pack: A women-specific day pack with straps that won’t ride up on your boobies. BOA technology tightens down the pack with every sip taken from the bladder.
  3. Cascade Designs Women’s NeoAir Pad XLITE boasts two layers of reflective fabric inside for added warmth. The sleeping pad fits a woman up to 5’5″ tall and weighs only 11 oz. Bonus: It comes in a pretty yellow color.
  4. GORE Running Wearrecognizes that every female runner has unique performance goals and workout routines, so the lines include cuts flattering for bodies of every shape and size. GORE’s mission to include sport-specific design extends to the company’s Bike Wear collection too.

    Skirt Sports Adventure Girl trail running skort

  5. Skirt Sports offers a tear- and snag-resistant trail running skirt that can take a beating some of their previous skirts couldn’t handle.
  6. Salomon’s “run your hike” philosophy and the company’s new shoe, the Synapse, was inspired by and designed because of Jennifer Pharr Davis’ record-breaking Appalachian Trail thru hike.
  7. Luminox offers a new women’s watch collection with the same tried and true military technology on a line for smaller wrists.
  8. Hobie launched a line of women-specific stand-up paddleboards.
  9. Moving Comfort presents a new running dress and a Jubralee Bra that controls up and down, side to side motion.
  10. Athleta continues to design beautiful support tops that come in regular and longer lengths to fit any torso. Most styles have molded encapsulation around chest offering up great compression and support.

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  1. Laura B. Moyer says:

    Great to see all of the new gear designed specifically for women! I like the fact that more companies are realizing that women want gear that fits and flatters us! It doubles the fun for those of us who enjoy adventure while wearing and using products that make us look and feel great!

  2. Erika says:

    Great to see more options for women. But it would be even greater to see more options for clothing gear for plus size women who are leading active lives on the way to not being plus size anymore. We would love the same great style & comfort while working out. Tired of having to resort to men’s clothing to get the size I need. If you could pass this on to the manufacturers that you deal with, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jennifer says:

      Sure, Erika. I’ll keep that in mind and bring it up when talking with these companies.

      And, actually, that’s why I mentioned GORE, because they have women of all shapes in mind when designing each line. Check it out and maybe some of their running or bike wear will work for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Teamestrogen is the best place in cyberspace for women’s athletic gear. They have a store in Oregon. Other than that it’s online. Their customer service is the best! They have found (and tested and researched and know) more women specific gear than anyone else. If you’ve got questions about any item just call and ask.

    Plus sizes? They have a ton and not just plain, no patterns etc:

    Also their forum is a great group of gals:

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