One More Reason To Ride

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By Alyssa MartinezRaise your hand if you remember your college house? You know what I’m talking about. That dorm or apartment building—whatever it was—where your wildest memories originated. It was where you developed a sense of you as an individual, an adult, and found your place in this world. The backyard was where you built the relationships that are still some of the most important to you, and the front door marks where you kissed your dates good night.

You remember it. That house/dorm/apartment is where you became officially outdoorsy, pursued your active passions, and got really, really thirsty for adventure—more of it.

Mine was a shared (read: cram-packed) house in the student ghetto, where five of us ladies stored our 17 bikes. Our college house was the practically official habitat of the school’s entire women’s cycling team, and the token male of our household (okay, actually the trailer in our backyard) was sort of a live-in coach and big brother figure.

Every member of the house and our guests contributed to a running list on the side of our refrigerator: Reasons for Riding a Bike. “Anything goes,” we’d say when guests questioned their reason to ride, so they’d jot down their reason and lengthen our list. Some of our reasons are inside jokes; others are universally true. And I think they probably will be for decades.

Oddly, Gold Bond was number 18 on that motley list, though I actually remember it appearing higher. (Maybe it just made more of an impression than other responses.) So when a recent news release announced a new Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray, I was transported—taken back to the cycling house, in all its messy and crowded glory, and to our list of reasons to ride.

goldbondI wonder if this new spray will live up to its classic history in its high-tech, matured form, the way these reasons to ride (scenery, food, beer, fun) will be relevant for years to come. The Gold Bond recipe supposedly hasn’t changed with its new form of delivery, so my bet is on its proven usefulness—preventing uncomfortable moisture from building up too badly on bike rides this summer, giving us one more reason to ride. $7.99/7 oz.;

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