4 Amazing Dirt Bikes for Female Riders

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Once firmly entrenched in the domain of masculinity, Motocross has recently experienced an explosion of female riders, with talented ladies like Jessica Patterson and Kiara Fontanesi proving that women hold plenty of potential in both Motocross and Supercross. Despite these advances, women still run into issues when hunting for dirt bikes amenable to their height and builds. Not to mention loading those precious bikes by themselves could pose a challenge (Check this YouTube Channel to learn more about loading ramps). According to the American Motorcyclist Association, the key is finding a slightly smaller bike with plenty of adjustable features to get a perfect fit. Bikes such as the Honda CRF230 and Kawasaki KX100 meet these requirements without sacrificing handling quality.

Honda CRF230

The CRF230 serves as a versatile option for novices and intermediate riders alike. As Motocross Action Magazine notes, it’s largely considered a play bike by more advanced riders, but this in no way diminishes from its value as an excellent introductory vehicle. It costs around $3,500, offering the owner plenty of bang for the buck. Popular features on the CRF230 include an electric start button located conveniently on the handlebar, a long-running battery and seamless shifting.

Kawasaki KX100

There’s no better way to navigate that tricky transition from 85cc to 125cc bikes than with the stylish Kawasaki KX100. With the bike redesigned to look like factory rider Ryan Villopoto’s machine, it looks as good as it runs. Still, you may want to up your style quotient with matching motocross gear and helmets. There’s plenty of function behind the form, boasting top-notch stability at high speeds and adept handling on tight corners. Perhaps the greatest benefit to the female rider is the adjustability factor. Dirt Rider notes the presence of adjustable handlebars and a shock best suited to riders between 100 and 145 pounds, making the $4,600 KX100 an amazing choice for smaller female riders.

Yamaha WR250F

For the more advanced rider or the intermediate looking for a challenge, the $7,000 Yamaha WR250F proves an excellent step up from the easier to handle CRF230 and KX100. Taller females should find the bike to be a great fit. Top Speed highlights the WR250F as the go-to bike for harsher terrain, as its sturdy build holds up well under a wide array of conditions. The bike also boasts excellent handling, although smaller riders may struggle with its larger frame.

Honda CRF150R

It may be Honda’s smallest MX option, but the CRF150R packs plenty of punch for its size. According to Insider MX, the CRF150R proves particularly popular among younger guys, but this should in no way discourage adult females from taking on the surprisingly powerful dirt bike. The suspension holds up spectacularly on larger jumps, making this a nice option for riders looking to take on greater challenges. Surprisingly, although it only costs $5,000, this bike is incredibly stable through all kinds of terrain.

Last modified: March 20, 2015

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4 Amazing Dirt Bikes for Female Riders

  1. Kelly says:

    This is sexist and roude showing a women wearing a too too saying serous gear

    1. Kyle says:

      Ahahaha sensitive Sally here.

    2. Stephanie says:

      Not sure what is sexist about it. Its an article about the best bikes for female riders. Did you expect it to be unbiased toward women?? Laaaaaame comment Kelly!

  2. Obed says:

    My fiance is 5′-2″ and 120lbs, she currently rides a crf 150f but the thing is heavy (230lbs) and therefore easy for her lay it on its side and hard to pick up. Her riding skills are definitely beginner but at the dunes is where she feels the most comfortable, the 150f pinned in 3rd gear can harldy go up the dunes. Im thinkig if getting her a 2016 kx100 or 2016 crf 150r for her birthday this weekend. Which is better for her situation? Thanks

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