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“Ooo, your legs are so soft,” he cooed. I blushed in return and murmured, “Thanks,” but reached down to feel them as well. I couldn’t help it.

No, don’t stop reading. This isn’t a bedroom scene from a naughty novel. It’s only a pre-bike ride scene, and I’m not trying to arouse you, only illustrate the result of LEG LUBE. It’s performance shave gel for athletes and, while the bottle indicates it is “for fast legs”, the gel worked just fine on my average-speed legs and also impressed someone with faster legs.

If you’re like me, you go days without shaving and forget that you need to do it until you don those bibs on race day. So, the real bonus is that you can use LEG LUBE to shave without being in a shower or tub. Use it in a campground bathroom, at the start line before your race, or under a sun shower the day prior to your event.

Unlike soap or shaving cream and thanks to aloe, eucalyptus and other essential oils, LEG LUBE reduces drag and thus decreases the likelihood of razor burn, nicks, in-grown hairs, and dry skin. It is acceptable to use it anywhere (legs, bikini, underarms, etc.) and smells lovely (fresh but not flowery) too.

LEG LUBE comes in a TSA-approved bottle size for travel, but it won’t run dry on your trip (unless too many of your friends borrow it), as you only need a tiny bit of the clear, lubricating, moisturizing gel. $8.95/3.4 oz. bottle; leglube.com

If you’re super interested, check out this video that demonstrates how to shave out of the shower.

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