Run Well and Be Well


Trail running, yoga classes, gourmet food, and natural hot springs—it sounds like a recipe for the perfect day! What if you could have several days in a row that were each magnificent? You can—while also having time and opportunity to enjoy many other activities—at the third annual Run Wild Trail Running and Wellness Retreat, August 16-19, 2012.

The four-day retreat will be held at Avalanche Ranch near Carbondale, Colorado. This trial-running getaway promotes stress reduction, reconnecting with nature, and improving fitness through trail-running and yoga. This year’s theme is Run Well: Be Well. Run Wild Retreats founder Elinor Fish says, “We provide practical tips to become an injury-free, life-long runner, but also foster an understanding of how running serves you in other aspects of life, such as reducing stress and inspiring you to make positive change in other areas, such as career, family or spiritual.”

And the setting for this experience couldn’t suppose that nurturing intention any better. Avalanche Ranch is situated at 7000-feet, offers accessible natural hot springs with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, and is nestled in the Crystal River valley at the foot of 12,953-foot Mount Sopris.

Elinor says she purposefully calls it a “retreat” instead of a running camp, because learning about running’s physical aspects is only one component of the event. “I believe that the value running brings to all aspects of our lives—from managing stress to feeling more confident, self-reliant, and powerful—is just as important as its physical benefits.”

Daily activities include trail runs of four to 12 miles in the White River National Forest, one of the nation’s top recreation areas, gourmet meals, yoga classes designed for runners, running-form evaluation and discussions with experts on trail-running technique, sports nutrition, injury prevention and gear selection.

Participants will come away not only with a better of understanding of how to run well, but also with how to stay motivated in the pursuit of personal and athletic goals.
For example, last year’s Run Wild Retreat participants said they are now much more motivated and confident about their running. They learned to remove resistance—in both running and life—to stop denying themselves the daily invigorating, mind-clearing, stress-relieving exercise.

Registration for this August’s retreat is open now, and those who sign up before April 16 get an early bird discount. (Just enter the code “EARLYBIRD12” when you register.) For a full itinerary and additional information about the retreat visit Run Wild Retreats online.


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Last modified: May 1, 2012

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